Hi, my name is Emily.
I am a graphic designer and web developer.

What I do


As well as websites and applications, I design anything from logos and infographics to wedding invitations.

Whatever you need, I can create the design!


I can build a website for you tailored to your needs. Wordpress or hard-coded HTML, whatever works best for you.

I can advise you on hosting and help with maintenance too.

For hire

Do you have a (temporary) UI or UX vacancy, or a project with which you could use an extra pair of hands?

I would be happy to join you on location!

My work

Here you can find some examples of my work. I am a versatile designer and can work in any style! Cute, corporate or creative - I will always make sure it reflects you and your product or services.

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WEN Kunst

Anatomy of
a Digital Animal

I'll Roar if
I want to!

Team posters

Careers website

Keylane UI

DIA demo 2018

DIA demo 2017


Channelling Bob Ross

PwC infographics


Biton logo's

Drawings -

Drawings -
Manga style

About me

My name is Emily, I was born in 1989 to British parents, and I live together with my software engineer boyfriend and chubby cat Fritz in Utrecht. I also went to high school and university in Utrecht, so I think I count as an 'Utrechter' by now! In my free time, I like to play video games, make playlists, cook and eat delicious food, and dye my hair in funky colours. Oh, and I love animals.

In 2012 I completed my studies (Media Science) - unfortunately my BA degree did not prove very useful in the job market at the time... What was useful was my longtime interest in creative activities, which during my student years included designing logos (for my student association) and t-shirts among others. I also designed a few websites, which got me interested in learning how to build them myself. I found that in designing and building websites I had found the perfect balance between my seemingly opposite creative and analytical sides. Thus my career as a web designer was born!

After almost 8 years as a professional (web) designer, I decided the time was ripe for a change and I started my own business as a 'Digital Animal'. And, well - here YOU are now! If you choose to work with me, you will be working with a versatile web designer who is passionate about what they do and is always committed to delivering an excellent end product.

If you're interested in how my creativity, know-how, and enthusiasm can help on your project(s), I'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, you can send me an e-mail or find me on LinkedIn.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Drawings - manga style

Client: Myself - Tools: Pencil, Wacom, Photoshop

As a child I was constantly drawing, and that continued on well into my high school years. At some point I got my first Wacom drawing tablet, so I moved to drawing digitally.

Around that time I got interested in manga/anime, so I started drawing some of my favourite characters.

Drawings - people

Client: Myself - Tools: Pencil, Wacom, Photoshop

After my 'manga phase' during high school, I started trying out a slightly more realistic style. I based my images on reference photos or photos of people I knew, and made a stylised version of them.

Biton logo's

Client: Biton - Tools: Illustrator

I was a member of the student association Biton while I was studying, and I became something of an in-house designer there... I was asked to make logos for committees on a regular basis.


Client: Myself - Tools: Illustrator

During my time as a student, I had a side project: designing t-shirts under the moniker 'Little Sheep Industries'. A lot of them were designed around bad puns, but sometimes I got special requests from friends for custom designs as well.

PwC infographics

Client: PwC - Tools: Illustrator

In September 2012, I started my very first job at PwC Netherlands. Together with the other 'webbies' I was responsible for the maintenance of the corporate website, among others. But they had also hired me for my design skills, as at that time infographics were rather popular.

Channelling Bob Ross

Client: Myself - Tools: Canvas, Acrylic paint

Me and my friends organised a 'Bob Ross night' to entertain ourselves: basically we gathered a bunch of paint, played an episode of 'The Joy of Painting' and attempted to follow along!

We didn't have oil paints (I used acrylics instead), nor did we have all the exact colours he used, but I think my 'happy little accident' turned out okay! I hope Bob Ross is proud. I can highly recommend this activity.

INK-redible animals

Client: Myself - Tools: Pencil, Black marker, Ecoline

I was playing around with ecoline and drawing some bold line art with a marker, which resulted in this 'animals' series. The series only consists of an owl and a swanky flamingo at the moment, but I have plenty of ideas for other animals!

These are really fun to make - there's something very satisfying about tracing lines with a black marker pen, and ecoline is fun to experiment with!

Keylane demo - DIA 2017

Client: Keylane - Tools: HTML, CSS, Javascript

The theme of the Keylane demo at the 2017 Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam was 'how to create a 100% digital claim handling process and online customer service, using the Keylane platform together with the capabilities provided by IBM's Watson'.

In order to demonstrate this vision, I created an animated website, going through the various steps of claim handling seen from the back-end of the process.

For more information, check out the video of the demo.

Keylane demo - DIA 2018

Client: Keylane - Tools: HTML, CSS, Javascript

The Keylane demo at the 2018 Digital Insurance Agenda in Munich demonstrated the integration of functionality from external parties inside the Keylane platform. In this particular claim report dialogue, image recognition and fraud checks were integrated.

My part in this was delivering a custom design (UI elements, form controls) and styling for the dialogue.

For more information, check out the video of the demo.

Keylane UI

Client: Keylane - Tools: HTML, LESS, CSS, Java, Javascript, Illustrator

I joined Keylane - a company that creates software for insurers - in April 2016. As their first web designer within a large team of developers, I had something of a pioneer role.

I started with a visual overhaul of the user interface for one of their platforms, and as I learned more about the platform I developed a vision for the future. This vision included documenting design standards, as well as designing and prototyping a number of new UI elements.

Keylane - New Careers site design

Client: Keylane - Tools: Illustrator, Wordpress, Divi, HTML, CSS

The Keylane Careers website was in need of an overhaul, and I worked together with the Recruitment team as well as an external software company to create the website in only 2 months.

I created the initial mock-ups for the website, after which the Bright Side of Life set up the website in Wordpress with the Divi theme. They also included a custom-built plugin for the live integration of job texts from Workable. I filled and styled the initial website setup further according to the designs.

Smells like team spirit

Client: Keylane - Tools: Illustrator

Our Product Development department underwent a 're-teaming'. To help create a bit of team spirit for the newly created teams (and to help other departments find the right people), I asked them to come up with a team name. Based on these names, I designed a logo and poster for each team.

It's my party and I'll ROAR if I want to!

Client: Myself - Tools: ProCreate, iPad

Do you sometimes hear a song lyric and then transform it into an image of a partying dinosaur? ...No? Okay, just me then.

The anatomy of a digital animal

Client: Myself - Tools: Illustrator

I created this x-ray version of my 'Minily' figure to explain a bit more about who I am and what I do. The intention was to put it in the 'About' section of this website, but the text I wrote turned out plenty long enough - so I left out this illustration in the end!

Illustration for WEN Kunst

Client: WEN Kunst - Tools: Illustrator

My fellow website builder Wen (WEN Kunst) asked me to make an illustration to spruce up his 'strippenkaarten' page. I created this illustration depicting his desk (including the sneaky paw of one of his cats!)

Website for maths cluster DIAMANT

Client: DIAMANT - Tools: Illustrator, Wordpress, HTML, CSS

Maths was not exactly my best subject in high school... Luckily the smart people at DIAMANT dó know what they're talking about! But even maths scholars need a website - and that is something *I* can help with. For DIAMANT, I created a custom-designed Wordpress website with Divi. The website is used as a communication platform for DIAMANT - mainly to share the yearly symposia for which their members can sign up. Check out the website here: diamant.science.uu.nl